Premier Comfort Heating & Cooling Logo/Branding


Sticker Dude

Premier Comfort Heating & Cooling was looking to rebrand their company with the hopes of attracting new customers. The logo they had was a little outdated and they needed a fresh new look. They wanted to stand out against the competition while maintaining a blue collar feel for the logo. I thought incorporating a 'hardworking' mascot to the logo would help with brand recognition. Since the logo would be on all of their work vehicles, I used a bold font that could easily be seen at long distances and potentially going down the highway at 55mph. The colors are to keep in line with what is typically done in the HVAC industry. Blue would obviously represents cold/ac and orange warmth/heat. I carried the colors throughout every application in order to help unify everything.


The owner of Premier Comfort Heating & Cooling absolutely loved the new look and so did my boss. The owner confirmed shortly after we finished that he had received numerous compliments on his new look and even stated that business had improved.